I've written a Brian/Justin Christmas story. And I've been walking around all day thinking about whether or not I should post it. Because there are so many wonderful writers in this fandom and I feel like my writing isn't half as good as theirs. But then I figured what the hell, I might as well just post it. It's been a year since I last wrote anything, and I really want to post something again.

So here it is! Enjoy! :)

New Traditions
Fandom: Queer As Folk
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: Probably PG-13
Word Count: 2,594
Warnings: This is pretty much pure fluff, so if you don't like that you should probably back away from this one ;)
Summary: Brian and Justin's first Christmas at Britin. Post season 5, slightly AU.
Author's Notes: In this story Justin never moved to New York, and he and Brian got married at the end of season 5 like they were planning to. They moved into Britin, and have lived there since their wedding. I've kinda chosen to make my own timeline, so in this story Brian and Justin got married in August, about 4 months before this story takes place.

Also, this is my first fic in this fandom, so yeah, please don't kill me if it sucks ;)

New Traditions )

Of course, feedback is always appreciated :)
Here is a Brian/Justin music video I've been working on the last few days! It's the first video I've made in ages, but I had so much fun working on it so if you like it I'll probably make more :)

Fandom: Queer As Folk
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Song: Shine
Artist: Madrugada
Summary: A video showing how Brian and Justin were there for each other after the bashing and how they moved on together. Using scenes from episode 122-208. A bit of angst, and lots of fluff! :)
Notes: Thanks to Tes ([profile] naleyangel) for proof watching and for moral support! ;)


If you want me to upload it somewhere else, let me know. And if you watch it, I would really appreciate it if you left me a comment! :)

F-list Cut

Mar. 9th, 2007 09:07 pm
I've made a small cut. It's not something I enjoy doing, but I felt that it was necessary. If you see that you've been cut, please remove me from your f-list. I wish you all the best, and hopefully there are no hard feelings.
This entry is a special entry for Tes [profile] naleyangel!!

She is one of the sweetest persons I know and one of my best friends, and when I was moving to Oslo and starting college she sent me a present and a lovely card to wish me good luck! I really appreciated that, and now she's starting college in a few days and I wanted to do something for her! So Tes, I really hope you will like what you find under the cut! I've written it especially for you, and I don't know if it's good or not, but I hope you will like it anyway, at least I think you will like the characters ;)

Tes, I wish you very much good luck at college, I know you will do great sweetie! I'm so happy you're my friend and I love you so much! *hugs*

And now...

Even though the story is written for Tes, of course the rest of you can read it too if you want! I know there are some other OTH-fans on my f-list ;)
Tomorrow my sister and I are going to have a Roswell-marathon!! I haven't started watching season 3 till now because I promised my sister that I would wait so we could watch it together... and we haven't had time to start before, because I've started working again and so on... But tomorrow we're finally gonna start, and we're planning to spend the whole afternoon/evening watching! Yay! Can't wait! =) And it's so great to have someone to watch it with, especially since she's pretty much as hooked as me... =) We tend to agree about things too, when we watched season 1 and 2 together we were 'awwwwwwwing' at the same things, and we both absolutely love Michael! We both laugh at Maria's funny comments, and yep, we both love Michael/Maria! But enough about that for now, if I start talking more about this I'm not going to be able to stop, and I was planning to try getting to bed kinda early... =)  


Apr. 16th, 2005 01:16 pm
Colourbars )
One Tree Hill:
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By [profile] __iiicons 
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A Walk To Remember:
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By [profile] naturellebella 

Kirsty & Kane:
By [profile] lozzy_babe06 
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Lord Of The Rings:
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Harry Potter:
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Backstreet Boys:
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That 70's Show:
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I had a weird dream last night, but it was cool too! I dreamt that a new H&A DVD was going to be released, but on this DVD there were only KK-scenes!! And not only that, it was scenes that were never aired on TV! Lol, I remember being all excited about it, but I can't remember much more than that! Would be cool if a DVD like that would be out for real though! :D

Was back at work after Easter today. It was okay, but it was hard to get up early again! The weather was lovely today, like it's been the last days, and it's so much warmer outside than it was only a week ago, so I guess we can say that spring is officially here! Yay!

Not much else to tell... I'm trying to download another Lost-ep at the moment, but it has somehow been a bit difficult lately... Hopefully I'll be able to watch it later this eve though!
Very very stressy day at work...

It was so much people there today, it was chaos! I ran around like crazy trying to help all the customers, which wasn't easy as I was alone the first two hours... Later another woman came to work as well, and it became a lot better then... puh!!

I had a cool dream last night!! I dreamt about Sam and Christie... hehe! I dreamt that I was there when they filmed their last scene on H&A! After they had filmed it, they just sat in the car (like they did in the last scene), looking at each other, smiling... And then my sister (two of my sisters were there too, even though one of them doesn't even watch H&A!) said we should go and talk to them, because we might never get the chance again... so we did!! Unfortunately I can't remember anything more... which is annoying because I would love to know what we talked with them about!! *lol* But it was cool anyway!

Now I'm just having a relaxing evening... I'm too tired to do much else! But tomorrow I only have a short day at work, 3 hours, and I start at 4 pm so I can sleep long as well! Yay!
This did not start off good... I woke up at 9 when my phone rang, and when I answered (probably sounding veeeery tired, because I was...), it was from my work. They told me I had to come because my boss was ill and someone had to work for her... I was sooo annoyed! It's not that I mind working some extra, but I was supposed to have the day off today, and it's not very funny to wake up finding out you have to come to work after all! So I was quite annoyed... not only because of the work-thing, but I'm always pretty grumpy in the morning... but well, my mood got better during the day, so I'm all good now! :)

Talked a bit with my grandmother though (not the one who visited me yesterday, but the other one), she came by the shop and told me that she and my grandfather are going on holidays tomorrow! I'm sooo envious, I really want to go somewhere too... Just get out of here for a while, being here drives me crazy sometimes, and I haven't been on a holiday for years!

Saved a lot of KK-pics to my PC yesterday, pics that I want to use for icons and banners. I tried out some new things on some icons yesterday, but I ended up deleting it all because I didn't like them... But I'll try again today, I want to be able to make better icons/banners, because at the moment I'm not very good at it... But hopefully I'll improve! :)
Just writing a few words while waiting for my lasagna to get ready... Can't wait, I'm really hungry now!

Was at work again today, but only 5 hours and it was an okay day. When I got home I took a shower, and then I went online. I wrote down some ideas I have for a KK-fic... I woke up last night and couldn't sleep again, so I got a few ideas. Don't know if it'll ever turn out to anything though, I often get ideas that I just throw away because they're no good... But I think I have to think a bit more about this one, it could be good... hmmm...

Just listening to the song "Niki's theme" by Espen Lind! That is my favourite song at the moment, I listen to it all the time! It's such a KK-song... It's like it's written for them! Awwwww, I love it! But it's such a sad song, if I'm in an emotional mood I always start to cry when I listen to it...

Oh, gotta finish now, my lasagna is ready! See you guys!
This has not been a good day... I have been feeling pretty bad the whole day (you know, girl-pains...), and that is not a good thing when you're at work... Most of all I wanted to sit down and relax, but that's about the last thing you can do when you work in a shoe shop. I took some painkillers and they helped a bit, but I still felt bad. A while I thought I was going to throw up, but luckily I didn't, and I was very relieved when when the clock was 7 and I could go home.

So after I got home I've spent the evening in the sofa, I'm not really up to doing anything. Hopefully it gets better tomorrow, then I'm going to work again. It's so typical, this always has to happen when I work long days... And I always have much pain... *sigh*

Not much more to tell... I haven't done anything else than being at work today! But I spoke with two of my sisters (aged 20 and 4), they came by my work, and it was so nice to see them! The oldest goes to school in another city and I haven't seen her since Christmas, and my 4 year old sister... awww, it was so nice to see her too, she's just the sweetest thing! I love her so much! Today she wanted to help me doing my work... haha... she did pretty well ;)
I have such a boring life at the moment, so I really don't have much to tell. I was at work again today, after 5 days off. It was okay... and I got to talk to my mum (who actually works at the same place as me), and I haven't seen her for almost a week. So that was nice... :)

Got home right in time to see H&A. Ended up watching TV the whole afternoon (was too lazy to do anything else) and then I went online... as usual... ;)

Just ate some warm tomatosoup, it's so freezing cold here! I'll turn into a icecube soon! *eeek* It was worse yesterday though, but still!

I think I had a KK-dream last night. Or, I know I had, I remember waking up for a few seconds and think that I had to base a fanfic on that dream... But typical enough I can't remember the dream now. It's always like this; I can never remember what I'm dreaming... argh!

Looking forward to watch Idol this eve... and then I'll go and download episode 4 of LOST, as that ep will be sent on TV later this evening! Since I don't have the right channel, I try to download the eps so that I'm up to date with the eps that is sent on TV here... so yay, looking forward to that! :D
Feeling a little bit better today, I'm not as depressed as I was yesterday. And it feels good not to be alone, after all I have all the wonderful KK'ers... :)

I feel like I haven't done anything today... I started on what seems to become a pretty long letter to my friend in Germany. She went in to hospital today, she's staying there for two weeks. She has this serious illness, which means she has to go to hospital pretty often... I hope she will be okay, I can't help worrying a bit, even though she tells me she will be okay... Anyway, I thought I'd write her a letter to cheer her up a bit! She's not very happy to having to stay in hospital, but it's necessary, so...

Watched some TV, H&A of course... Kirsty/Dylan-stuff... they're not a couple anymore, but I still don't really like seeing them together... but soon I have to put up with Kirsty/Seb I guess... gosh, I really can't wait to see Kane coming back!! Kirsty belongs with him...

Not much else to say really... I've surfed around on the net as usual... I'm addicted to the internet, I don't know what I would have done without it! Then I wouldn't have my friends, my KK-clips and all the other KK-stuff... awful thought...

See you guys!
QUEER AS FOLK (Brian/Justin)

Fanfiction - Longer stories

We Are Family (Part 1 | Part 2)
All seasons, Molly's POV. As Molly Taylor grows up, she starts to rethink who her family really is.

Challenge fic for [livejournal.com profile] neverenough_bj 

Fanfiction - One Shots

New Traditions
Post 513, slightly AU. Brian and Justin's first Christmas at Britin.

All That Matters
Post 409, cancer story. Justin takes care of a sick Brian.

Warm Again
Post 513. Justin is in New York, it's the coldest day in January, and he really just wants to go home.

Under The Street Light
Post 513. Brian and Justin take a walk down memory lane.

Birthday fic for [livejournal.com profile] naleyangel

That Bubbly Feeling
Post 308. It is such a weird feeling. It is like I’m falling in love with him all over again.

Challenge fic for [livejournal.com profile] boys4all

The Rescue
Post 513, sequel to SOS. “It’s a fucking movie, Emmett. Get a grip.”

Sunshine and Sunshine
Post 513. The holiday has not turned out quite like Justin hoped.

Forgotten Memory
Post 513. Brian and Justin think back on something that happened five years ago.

Challenge fic for [livejournal.com profile] boys4all

Season 2. Brian talks in his sleep.

Challenge fic for [livejournal.com profile] qaf_ficwhores

Drabbles (all written for [livejournal.com profile] drabylon)

Breaking The Rules | Mothers | ContrastsSOS (Sequel: The Rescue) | Mother and Son | Under The Surface | The Little Things | What If | Perfection at Babylon | Beautiful | Always There | Just A Trip | Brian's Spoiled Boys | Amazing Things | Pain and Pleasure |


Shine - Post bashing.


Fanfiction - One Shots

Light From Heaven (Lucas & his little sister)

I Just Want To Make You Smile (Nathan/Haley)

The Morning After (Nathan/Haley)

Lene is my best friend. She is just so amazing and lovely. Which isn't enough to describe her at all. I would need a long time to tell how awesome she actually is. I wouldn't be able to tell you how awesome she is either. I'm really glad she is my friend and one of my best friends.
with Lene, you can always feel yourself and never afraid to ask her anything, since well she's so caring and she always listens. for me I'm never scared to ask her anything and thats a lovely feeling.
Also she has great fandoms inluding my show (our show, the one we fangirl about alot) That just makes her more special. She is a very special person. I really hope we stay friends because she lights up my world, even through I only know her online. She is amazing and I love her alot.

[livejournal.com profile] naleyangel

Moongirl is such a great person, she always cares, she's funny and and adorable and she always knows exactly what to say in any situation. She's got great taste in fandoms and she's really bubbly and sweet and deep and real all at the same time. I am proud to call her my friend.
[livejournal.com profile] rosesandhearts

You are one of the nicest people I've met in LJ. ♥ You are sweet, caring and an awesome fangirl! ;) I'm glad to have you on my list. Love you. *hugs*
[livejournal.com profile] weera

Lene is just one of my favorite people. She is so incredibly sweet and she really truly cares. You can just feel it and I'm so glad that I get to feel that she cares about me. She always has something to say, she knows what to say and she's just always supportive.

Other than that, she loves some great fandoms and talking about that with her is always nice. Yes, Lene is just awesome and one of the sweetest people around ♥

[livejournal.com profile] fly_meaway

Moongirl is a great friend, that always has kind words of comfort, advice and encouragement. She is sweet and lovely.
[livejournal.com profile] marty2103

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better through LJ (as I’m new to this). You seem like such a nice person, no, you are a really nice person! You have great taste in TV-shows, music and movies and I enjoy discussing with you. You know, you really seem like a person I could be good friends with, and really close with, if I knew you in RL. And in here, I feel I can tell you everything. And also, you’re a very talented writer and icon maker! So, yay for Lene!
[livejournal.com profile] smurfemia

I think you are an awesome girl even though i haven't known you for too long. You are sweet and best of all, a Clark/Chloe shipper!! XD
[livejournal.com profile] siri_greene

Moongirl is the sweetest person you could have on your friends list. She's very kind and makes it very easy for you to like her. I always look forward to her posts and hope that she gets the happiness she deserves because she's soooo lovely! :-)
[livejournal.com profile] lalolita__

Lene is one of my absolute best online friends, and you could cut out the online bit too. She is one of my best friends. Period.
She is such an amazing girl, so sweet, caring and really friendly and I've felt comfortable around her since we first 'met'. She is so easy to talk to and honest too, which I really appreciate. In short, she is a beautiful girl with a fantastic personality! I love Lene very much! ♥

[livejournal.com profile] agurkis

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