Happy belated birthday Chloe ([livejournal.com profile] brokenfree_x)! I hope you had a great day yesterday! *hugs*

Ingrid and I went shopping after school today. I was looking for a new winter coat as it's getting really cold here now, but I didn't find the type that I wanted. So I guess I have to use what I have for a while longer. Instead I ended up buying a scarf, mittens and some other warm stuff for the winter. I hate being cold, so I always wrap myself up in lots of warm clothes when I go out. And it looks like I might need it because I heard on the radio today that the first snow might fall any day now.

Talking about winter, I've really been looking forward to Christmas lately! It's way too early for that, but with the weather getting colder and all I just get this Christmas feeling, and I really just can't wait. And lots of shops already have Christmas stuff up, which I think is MUCH too early, but that makes me look forward to Christmas even more. But when I think about it, Christmas really isn't that far away. In only a few weeks I'll start writing Christmas cards (I'll put up a Christmas card post soon, for those of you who want a card from me :)), and then December comes and then it's practically Christmas already. I just love that time of year :)

Have a nice evening everyone! I'm going to watch Grey's Anatomy with Gale Harold tonight (yes, we are THAT far behind)! :D He turned up in the episode last week, and I think he's in the episode tonight as well? His character is a jerk, but I just love seeing him on TV :)



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