I had a weird dream last night, but it was cool too! I dreamt that a new H&A DVD was going to be released, but on this DVD there were only KK-scenes!! And not only that, it was scenes that were never aired on TV! Lol, I remember being all excited about it, but I can't remember much more than that! Would be cool if a DVD like that would be out for real though! :D

Was back at work after Easter today. It was okay, but it was hard to get up early again! The weather was lovely today, like it's been the last days, and it's so much warmer outside than it was only a week ago, so I guess we can say that spring is officially here! Yay!

Not much else to tell... I'm trying to download another Lost-ep at the moment, but it has somehow been a bit difficult lately... Hopefully I'll be able to watch it later this eve though!
I have such a boring life at the moment, so I really don't have much to tell. I was at work again today, after 5 days off. It was okay... and I got to talk to my mum (who actually works at the same place as me), and I haven't seen her for almost a week. So that was nice... :)

Got home right in time to see H&A. Ended up watching TV the whole afternoon (was too lazy to do anything else) and then I went online... as usual... ;)

Just ate some warm tomatosoup, it's so freezing cold here! I'll turn into a icecube soon! *eeek* It was worse yesterday though, but still!

I think I had a KK-dream last night. Or, I know I had, I remember waking up for a few seconds and think that I had to base a fanfic on that dream... But typical enough I can't remember the dream now. It's always like this; I can never remember what I'm dreaming... argh!

Looking forward to watch Idol this eve... and then I'll go and download episode 4 of LOST, as that ep will be sent on TV later this evening! Since I don't have the right channel, I try to download the eps so that I'm up to date with the eps that is sent on TV here... so yay, looking forward to that! :D



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