Lene is my best friend. She is just so amazing and lovely. Which isn't enough to describe her at all. I would need a long time to tell how awesome she actually is. I wouldn't be able to tell you how awesome she is either. I'm really glad she is my friend and one of my best friends.
with Lene, you can always feel yourself and never afraid to ask her anything, since well she's so caring and she always listens. for me I'm never scared to ask her anything and thats a lovely feeling.
Also she has great fandoms inluding my show (our show, the one we fangirl about alot) That just makes her more special. She is a very special person. I really hope we stay friends because she lights up my world, even through I only know her online. She is amazing and I love her alot.

[ profile] naleyangel

Moongirl is such a great person, she always cares, she's funny and and adorable and she always knows exactly what to say in any situation. She's got great taste in fandoms and she's really bubbly and sweet and deep and real all at the same time. I am proud to call her my friend.
[ profile] rosesandhearts

You are one of the nicest people I've met in LJ. ♥ You are sweet, caring and an awesome fangirl! ;) I'm glad to have you on my list. Love you. *hugs*
[ profile] weera

Lene is just one of my favorite people. She is so incredibly sweet and she really truly cares. You can just feel it and I'm so glad that I get to feel that she cares about me. She always has something to say, she knows what to say and she's just always supportive.

Other than that, she loves some great fandoms and talking about that with her is always nice. Yes, Lene is just awesome and one of the sweetest people around ♥

[ profile] fly_meaway

Moongirl is a great friend, that always has kind words of comfort, advice and encouragement. She is sweet and lovely.
[ profile] marty2103

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better through LJ (as I’m new to this). You seem like such a nice person, no, you are a really nice person! You have great taste in TV-shows, music and movies and I enjoy discussing with you. You know, you really seem like a person I could be good friends with, and really close with, if I knew you in RL. And in here, I feel I can tell you everything. And also, you’re a very talented writer and icon maker! So, yay for Lene!
[ profile] smurfemia

I think you are an awesome girl even though i haven't known you for too long. You are sweet and best of all, a Clark/Chloe shipper!! XD
[ profile] siri_greene

Moongirl is the sweetest person you could have on your friends list. She's very kind and makes it very easy for you to like her. I always look forward to her posts and hope that she gets the happiness she deserves because she's soooo lovely! :-)
[ profile] lalolita__

Lene is one of my absolute best online friends, and you could cut out the online bit too. She is one of my best friends. Period.
She is such an amazing girl, so sweet, caring and really friendly and I've felt comfortable around her since we first 'met'. She is so easy to talk to and honest too, which I really appreciate. In short, she is a beautiful girl with a fantastic personality! I love Lene very much! ♥

[ profile] agurkis

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