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I'm obviously on a roll! So here is another story that I just felt like writing :)

Title: Warm Again
Fandom: Queer as Folk
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Timeframe: Post 513
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,247 words
Warnings: None
Summary: Justin is in New York, it's the coldest day in January, and he really just wants to go home.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own these characters

Author's Notes: Something warm and schmoopy for you all! With special greetings to Tes ([livejournal.com profile] naleyangel), who's always supportive, and [livejournal.com profile] rromantic, who has to live in darkness :)


It’s late January, the coldest day of the month, when Justin decides he can’t stand it a moment longer.

He has been standing in front of the white canvas with a brush in his hand for hours, trying to paint. But his thoughts keep wandering off and he can’t find any inspiration at all. It’s freezing cold in the small apartment; the heating system in the building broke two days earlier and it hasn’t been fixed yet. His hands are cold as ice and his injured hand even more stiff than usual.

“Fuck”, he mutters under his breath, and throws the brush against the wall. For a moment he hides his face in his hands, feeling tired and miserable and alone. And really, really cold.

After that it only takes him a second to make his decision. Quickly he takes his wallet and phone from the table and puts them in his pocket. He steps into his shoes and pulls his coat on, then he grabs the keys and is out the door.

He only has one thing on his mind.


He longs to feel warm again, needing the one person who’ll take away the cold from his body and soul.

Outside people are wrapped up in warm coats and big scarfs. The New York City air is as crisp as it can get, and smells of smoke, drain and too many people. Everybody is walking quickly down the streets, hands in their pockets and head hidden between their shoulders in an useless attempt to keep the freezing cold from invading their bodies. Longing to be indoors again, thinking about the warm office or the warm arms or the warm cup of coffee that await them once they reach their destination.

It’s four weeks since Justin last saw Brian. He spent Christmas and New Years in Pittsburgh, taking the opportunity to see his family and friends. But most of the time he spent with Brian at Britin. They had some wonderful days there, in their own private palace, far away from everyone. Justin still smiles when he thinks about those days. Best Christmas ever.

But four weeks apart is too long. And now he wants, needs, to feel Brian’s arms around him again. One more day without him, and he’ll go crazy.

He takes the subway to the bus station, hoping there’s a bus leaving for Pittsburgh soon. He would have jumped on a flight if he could, but there is no way he can afford it. Being an artist in New York is not very luxurious, and especially not a new artist.

He’s lucky. There’s a bus leaving for Pittsburgh in just an hour.

Justin paces restlessly around in the waiting room at the bus station while he waits for the bus. Even indoors it’s cold, and he throws his arms around himself, trying to stay as warm as possible, regretting that he didn’t put on more clothes before he left the apartment. But at the time he didn’t have time to worry about unimportant stuff like that.

After what feels like forever the bus finally rolls into the bus station, and Justin is the first one to enter it.


It’s late when the bus arrives in Pittsburgh. The few people still left on it are dozing, and they yawn and stretch as they discover that the bus has reached its destination. Pulling on their coats they prepare to leave the warmth inside the bus, and replace it with the cold outside.

Justin steps outside the moment the driver opens the door, itching to strech his legs after hours on the bus. He smiles as he takes in the familiar surroundings of the bus station, lit up by street lamps. Leaning his head back, he closes his eyes, letting the light snowflakes falling from the sky caress his face.

He doesn’t know if it’s real, or if it’s just in his imagination, but somehow Pittsburgh feels warmer.


When he runs up the stairs to the loft, he starts thinking that maybe he should have called Brian beforehand. It’s almost midnight and Brian could be at Babylon, or he could have a trick over. But it’s too late to think about that now, and Justin doesn’t really care anyway. He just needs to see Brian and he knows he will find him no matter where he is. He always does.

He uses his key to lock himself in – he still thinks of the loft as his home. The loft and Britin. The apartment in New York is just... temporary.

Inside the loft it’s dark and quiet, and Justin’s first thought is that Brian isn’t here. He starts debating with himself whether to wait or go find him at Babylon or wherever he is, but suddenly he hears movement from the bedroom and then Brian appears on the top of the stairs, dressed only in sweats.

For a second Justin can only stare at the beautiful man before him. That gorgeous face, and the hair he loves running his fingers through. An upper body he can’t wait to touch. And those deep hazel eyes. Eyes that sometimes show so much, sometimes are blank and determined not to show anything at all. Right now, as he walks down the stairs, they hold surprise.

“Justin? What-“

In a few steps Justin has crossed the floor, throwing his arms around Brian. He clings to him almost desperately, burying his head in the other man’s shoulder, smelling the scent he has longed for all those lonely nights, the scent that is only Brian.

He can feel Brian’s confusion more than he sees it, but his arms move up around Justin, and he holds the younger man close to him.

Time stands still, and Justin doesn’t know how long it’s been when he finally pulls back a bit, looking at Brian’s face. Cupping the other man’s face with both hands, he pulls Brian down to kiss him. The kiss is long, full of need and longing.

“I missed you”, he whispers as he pulls back, letting out a sigh of relief to finally be back where he’s yearned to be for weeks.

Brian just looks at him for a moment. Justin gives him a small smile, and lets his hand softly caress Brian’s cheek. A few years ago Brian would have flinched at a tender gesture like that, but now he doesn’t even blink.

Finally he smiles back, and then Justin is pulled in for another hug.

“Missed you too, Sunshine.”


They can’t get enough of each other.

They kiss, they fuck, they cuddle – even though Brian will never admit it, that’s exactly what they are doing – and Justin feels happy and relaxed in a way he only feels when he’s with Brian. There’s just no better feeling in the world.

This is everything he wants. He knows he needs to give it a real shot in New York, he owes it to himself and everyone who believe in him. But someday he will be back for good. Back to claim what has been his since that night under the street lamp.

Until then, moments like this has to be enough. But that’s not so bad. With nights like this to look forward to, the future looks pretty bright after all.

Finally they fall back in bed, exhausted. And when Justin falls asleep that night, safely tucked in bed with Brian’s arms around him, he finally feels warm again.


Yep, I really can't wait for it to get warmer outside! ;)
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